Thursday, December 25, 2014

Storage Wars - Quien da ma$

Quien da ma$ in Spanish on SKY Mexico
I actually like this program BUT ....

A crazy collection of characters bidding on what is supposedly abandoned storage lockers from California to Texas.  Next to impossible to tell if anything is rigged from pricing to what is in the lockers. What is really funky is the locker buyer goes through "the junk" they get to claim what they can get for each item. You can price anything but you still have to sell it.

One "contestant" Dave Hester (the guy you love to hate) had a law suit going with the producers about faking the locker content among other things.  He's back to hate again !!

The show was always prone to faking. The pieces were priced with questionable appraisals. The fact that the characters were paid by the show is not really news. Then planting pieces really blew up. I was willing to accept a few pieces, but the wide spread planting really hurts. It's obvious that things are rigged when every week, exactly 3 of the 4 teams get lockers while 1 team walks away empty handed. EVERY TIME.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dr Oz Spammer scammer

I got this in my Email today and realize it's not a Reality Show in the real sense but reading about his baseless or wrong advise he is giving people ... it seems it's an Anti Reality Show and a Spammer. I guess people just don't read the news or investigate things that appeal.  The show is still popular.

 Burn FAT Quicker Without DIET or EXERCISE

But is that trust misplaced? Or has Oz, who often peddles miracle cures for weight loss and other maladies, mortgaged medical veracity for entertainment value?

These questions have hammered Oz for months. In June, he was hauled in front of Congress, where Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) told him he gave people false hope and criticized his segments as a “recipe for disaster.” Then last month, a study he widely trumpeted lauding coffee bean weight-loss pills was retracted despite Oz’s assertions it could “burn fat fast for anyone who wants to lose weight.”

Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gator Killers

Swamp People or Amos del Pantano (MX)

I guess I have less problem with these country hicks killing as many Crocs as they can as I do with the production of the program. Watching the program it's just a Gator slaughter with no info about why they are allowed to do this or when and how long is the season. 

Reading the Internet you find that the season is 30 days, each boat is given so many tags and someone has decided Gators need to be "culled" in the swamps of Louisiana. Instead it's just presented as a macho Gator hunt  Regardless, this program is based on the excitement of the hunt while ignoring any education.

Friday, December 12, 2014

David Rees

Going Deep with David Rees

Going Deep or Do it Right (SKY Mexico) is a new "how to" Reality Show with the Sophomoric Humorist, David Rees. Thing that amazes me is most of the reviews of the show and him are fairly positive. I on the other hand have trouble with 15 minutes of "How to tie your shoe" while David makes corny wise cracks and makes faces.

To me it's just another case of the TV industry desperately looking for material to fill the airwaves. NatGeo in this case. From the number of people who seem to enjoy sophomoric humor while learning how to tie ones shoes, I am in the minority. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Conservative reality stars against civil rights

The Learning Channel TV show "19 Kids and Counting" 

The crazy Duggar's

I've heard of this ridiculous show and am glad we don't have access here in Mexico on SKY Satellite. Now it seems their stupidity goes well beyond just having way too many kids.  They have been lobbying against an anti-discrimination ordinance in order to strip just about everyone's rights. It certainly is a telling story about sheet hole Fayetteville, Arkansas

According to local Fayetteville, Arkansas station KNWA, residents of the community voted by a 52-to-48% margin to end a policy which banned “unfair discrimination based on real or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, familial status, marital status, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, disability and veteran status.”

Duggars “have been using their fame to promote discrimination, hate, and fear-mongering against gays and transgendered people.” The show, which was originally titled “17 Kids & Counting”, has run for nine seasons.

Nine seasons??? I can't believe the Learning Channel would even be interested in this crap as a show but many, many Reality Shows are based on absolute nonsence
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I just wanted an outlet when I get that gag reflex going on some of these absolutely terrible reality shows. So here they come as I gag.

I actually like a few so may mention them from time to time