Thursday, January 29, 2015

Neurotic Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Botoxed Bimbos of Beverly Hills

These self centered, mean spirited, unreal housewives put on a show that is one of the most negative experiences on Television. Like the one review below, I can't watch it because except for its nasty attitudes it basically has no content except the women showing off and one upping each other.

IMDB Ratings: 4.3/10 from 2,593 users

IMDB review one
I watched two episodes and gave it a chance but it was just too unbearable to keep watching. Like most reality TV, all of the characters seem shallow and to have no substance. One of the episodes I viewed was an entire evening spent yelling at each other. I really feel sorry for them. Occasionally you see the actions of a real person shine through, but it's rare. I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a bunch of sad people with low self-esteems be cruel to each other all day. I think all of those women need to go on a spiritual retreat, leaving their designer bags and make-up behind before they spend their last day on Earth thinking, "What did I do with my life?"

IMDB review two - and this person like it 
I completely understand why this series scores so low on the IMDb rating: it's trashy, cheap and fake.

And that's why it is so great! Not only a lot of vulgar bitchfights exceed the classy catfightscenes between Alexis Colby and Kristel Carrington in Dynasty in many ways, but there is so much more: betrayal, jealousy, addiction, cunning plastic surgery (!), adultery, abuse and suicide. And it's all real! 

Well, at least to some extend. Not only do you hate the grotesque characters, you are also going to love them and care. Fascinating how people perform in front of a camera.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Live Free or Die

I was thinking that this one might actually be educational but from the reviews these people are not that interesting. Not sure how I miss this every week but I sure don't miss the Ads every 15 minutes with that stupid song "Love you like a mountain". WTF is that supposed to mean review
Unlike the other survival shows where the people actually make a life for their family by living off the the land, trapping, fishing, and such, these folks merely survive. Another scene showed a couple eating road kill that was gifted to them in a sack, grab bag style. It was a great surprise to find it was a bobcat, already stiff.

Facebook comment:
Jim Reginelli Whats next pawn shops? Schizophrenic ghost hunters? Moonshiners or cars? I want to see the world not rednecks. I know there are people in the world who live like that, they are in africa or the amazon not Arkansas !

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Science of Stupid

In Mexico on SKY it's Science of the Absurd

In English it's The Science of Stupid only it's not science ... it's just plain stupid. I'm surprised they don't have a "laugh track" to make fun of these total idiots doing stupid things. Actually they may because I can only watch for a few seconds so I can switch channels.  I'm sorry but watching train wrecks is not my style.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fake Magic Shows

Television or filmed Magic is BS


Dynamo is only one among many that are basically unbelievable. Not only because some of the things they do are impossible .... but using a camera to create illusions is cheating. Camera position, lighting, timing, recording and editing .... all just make it way too easy to create an illusion of whatever. I mean like walking on water. Lighting, time of day, reflections and camera make an impossible feat possible.

While I agree with this - film makes it way too simple to create an illusion.
As we have shown many times on our site, Dynamo's magic falls into the second category – he performs tricks. So if you think magicians who perform magic are 'fake', then you can consider Dynamo to be fake. For example, Dynamo doesn't really walk on water, he just performs a very believable illusion of walking on water, as we have explained here. He also doesn't really fly, as we explained here. If you consider him to be 'fake' because of that, that is your choice, but many people think that magicians can't be fake since it is obvious that they are doing tricks and we all know it. There are only good and bad magicians – those who can't fool us and those who can.

More garbage reality show programming

Monday, January 5, 2015

Naked Survival - Stupid Show

Naked and Afraid - TV Reality Show

Stupid name, stupid idea and just another filler for the starved for material channels like Discovery, NatGeo and A&E. I didn't realize their adventures were for 21 days which is a challenge but the few I've seen they just fight getting sunburned, struggle to light a fire and eat worms or something similar.There must be a dozen survival shows and they're all just as bad. Give me a cooking show any day .... what ever happened to The Naked Chef.

Producer of Discovery show Naked and Afraid claims it is not 'exploitative' to film contestants nude but that it creates a 'pure survival experience' ....... no, it's just plain stupid
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I just wanted an outlet when I get that gag reflex going on some of these absolutely terrible reality shows. So here they come as I gag.

I actually like a few so may mention them from time to time