Thursday, July 16, 2015

19 Kids and Counting Canceled

Finally this obscene program is gone

Hard to believe this horrible show ran to 10 seasons but the Discovery Channel's standards for reality shows is so low they just couldn't think of anything better so let it run. Popular it is rumored but it has to be with hillbillies that can't get out of that lounge chair and change the channel or turn it off.

The reality show “19 Kids and Counting” is never coming back to TLC.

The cable channel said Thursday that it has officially cancelled the show, nearly two months after revelations about acts of child molestation committed by one of the 19 kids, Josh Duggar, when he was a teenager.

Several of his sisters were among the victims.

TLC initially pulled the past episodes of “19 Kids and Counting” from its schedule, but kept open the possibility that the show would resume someday.

Now it’s saying production of the series will not resume, despite its longtime popularity.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Danger Decoded total BS

With terrible non-professional footage you get to watch an accident about to happen. You are then asked to look for keys telling what will happen. The problem is the keys you can't possibly see are the same for all three options they give you .... so the whole "mystery:" is just a joke. The only slight value to this BS program is you get to see the "catastrophe" if you like that kind of thing.

Before each catastrophe plays out, viewers are challenged to predict what is about to go terribly wrong. 

Will the parachute fail to open? Or will two skydivers collide in mid-air? Or perhaps it is the small aircraft; will the plane crash before the skydivers even jump?

Another NatGeo bomb of a Reality Show ...... Terrible

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Worst Cook or the worst hair

Anne Burrell's hair joins the competition

The Food Network host of "Worst Cooks in America" also has about the worst hairdo I've seen on TV. I think something similar was semi popular 20-30 years ago but it didn't last long. Many of the reality cooking shows are pretty good but why base one on the worst. It's not a comedy but probably should be.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Unreal Reality Show - Shipping Wars

The stars, if you can call them that, of this program are either unprofessional or rude or both. They are constantly mis-communicating with clients, taking things that don't fit, that aren't ready, expected to do the loading, too delicate and excepting ridiculous penalties. All that while being criticized by Marc or Roy. 

I guess I can believe most of that .... but what I can't believe is how the same 4-5 people are always competing for trips all over the US from Seattle to Florida. I mean you don't bid on stuff if it's 4-5 days away for reasons of economy and time limits. They all drive gas/diesel guzzlers and could end up anywhere is the US. Just not believable. 

Mister Negative Marc

Know it all - hyper Roy 
Roy died of a heart attack last year

Then they get serious with this - gotta shake your head

Did Jennifer from Shipping Wars have a boob job? What is Jennifer Brennan's bra size?. Join us as we get the scoop on the newest season of the A&E show "Shipping Wars" with Star Jennifer Brennan.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Briefcase is Reality TV Porn

Reality TV’s sick depths: How the altruism porn of “The Briefcase”...

Let's get people living paycheck to paycheck to squirm — and even fight — over a satchel of much-needed money!

In the fiscal year 2014, CBS chief Les Moonves made in excess of $54 million, Vulture reported. In other words, he made more in a day than the entire amount each family is competing for. For him and other CBS executives to take American's economically vulnerable and force them into a bizarre cage match of faux-selflessness is just sick. Rather than gawking at poverty, CBS, and everyone else should be looking for ways to eliminate it.

The Briefcase - How Much Would You Share? CBS Announces New Reality Series The Briefcase.

As if to prove there are new depths to be plumbed in the world of reality television (because who knew?), CBS just debuted The Briefcase, a show which takes poverty porn, class anxiety, emotional manipulation and exploitation and packages them all neatly into a pretty despicable hour of primetime television

Friday, May 1, 2015

OMG -- Wild Frank

The Mr. Bean of outdoor adventures

In the ads all he does is put his face close to animals that look very unhappy and then he jokes and makes faces. Looking on the Internet it seems that his various programs only show on Spanish language Discovery Channel. That finalizes it because Mr. Bean in Spanish is the last thing I want to watch.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Real Housewives belong in jail

As I noted in my post The Botoxed Bimbos of Beverly Hillsthese women have absolutely nothing to offer but trouble. Not only on the show but it seems in real life. Kim Richards may be headed to jail for public drunkenness and resisting arrest .... and Teresa Giudice is headed to jail for 15 months for tax fraud. What a pair.

Kim Richards

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards was arrested early on Thursday on public intoxication and other charges after she refused to leave an upscale hotel in the city and later kicked an officer in the leg, police said.

Richards, a former child actress who has appeared on the Bravo channel show since its 2010 debut, was reported by security at the Beverly Hills Hotel to be causing a disturbance in the property’s restaurant, police said. Hotel security asked the intoxicated television personality to leave, but she refused, prompting police to be called, Beverly Hills police said in a statement.

Richards was being escorted from the property when she was allowed to use the bathroom and then refused to leave there as well, police said.

Teresa Giudice

So long, fancy dinners; hello, cafeteria food.

Teresa Giudice, star of Bravo’s hit reality show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” turned herself in to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, early Monday to begin serving a 15-month sentence. Giudice pleaded guilty to tax fraud in March. 

Teresa and her husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice were indicted in 2013 – first for inflating their incomes while applying for loans between 2001 and 2008 (before “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” debuted in 2009), then for obscuring their growing fortunes by filing for bankruptcy (after the show aired).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crazy for Cupcakes

DC Cupcakes

I wasn't sure of the name of this program and "reality TV" and cupcakes came up with more than one show. Now these two woman have a real business unlike "Cupcake Wars" that was created as a Reality Show. Sad to say Cupcake Wars is just a product of a producer trying to fill the TV hours with competitive nonsense.

DC Cupcakes is about two women and some help running a real business without all the false hype of competition. My problem with the whole concept is this is not about making good cupcakes, it's about displays of hundreds of them glued into some display that supposedly makes a statement. I guess just making a good cupcake would not be much of a show but displays of hundreds of them kinda lacks meaning in my opinion.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dual Survival My Ass

Gee ... look what somebody left us

Why in the hell would someone be dropped off in a God Awful location with little or nothing in the way of survival tools unless you were making a stupid survival movie. Then to add nonsense to insanity they find a bunch of gear that just happened left by unknown others. What they find is a gun with one round, a hatchet, a tarp, duct tape and who knows what else. Then they come across a tin lean-too shelter with stove full of hot embers for a fire starter. I mean how lucky could two guys be unless they are doing a survival reality show. This is about as silly as another character in this series, Cody with braids, Indian clothes and always barefoot. At least the scenery is nice and these guys aren't competing with each other.

Making fun of Red Carpet Hollywood

A show based on making fun of Hollywood fashion
Fashion Police

Well good for these two for quitting but why did they take the stupid job in the first place. I've only briefly noticed this show as I fly past the E! entertainment channel toward another. Yep the same channel that the extremely shallow Kardashians are on. I know nothing about the Hollywood Red Carpet except that there is a lot of extremely poor fashion taste .... but make a show based on that ??

There are Reality Show exceptions to programs that focus on people being nasty to each other but not enough. Shipping Wars, Storage Wars, Real Housewives, The Royals, Survivor and others are rude and nasty as much as they are interesting. How about growing up Television Producers and the people that watch them. Just bring in Jerry Springer and he'll fix it for you..

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Storage Wars: Texas

Bimbo Mary Padian

Watching the Texas version of Storage Wars you might think everyone from Texas is obnoxious .... all the way from this cute little Bimbo to the extremely over weight loudmouth men with their fake Texas drawl. What gets me about Mary besides always acting goofy is her pricing of things as she pulls them out of the locker. She's the only one that way over estimates the value of stuff ... I mean WAY over.

What the whole program needs is what they actually get for stuff when it's sold. These people are supposedly store owners and we never get to see the stores let alone how they are run and realistic pricing.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Exception # 1 :: Any show with Gordon Ramsay

Not only is this guy a great Chef but also a great judge of people
He also has no problem telling folks what he thinks of them
They asked him to help with their restaurant so he does not spare the rod

Gordon going off on someone

No shortage of the "F-word" but also no shortage of good advice and generosity. Many of the places he visits get a complete physical makeover of the restaurant (free of charge?).  He always seems to pull them out of the hole and shows us some great meals.

Chef Gordon Ramsay hits the road in search of restaurants in crisis, where he steps in and addresses some of the most stressful aspects of running a successful food business. Ramsay and his team redecorate each eatery to give it a fresh new look in hopes of attracting a larger crowd. Ramsay's ultimate goal is to make the restaurants he visits profitable for their struggling owners.

Master Chef and the F-Word are also great along with many of his YouTube cooking videos

Friday, February 6, 2015

Insane Tattoos not Epic

Epic Ink and the most God Awful body disfigurations

When did tattoos become meaningless art projects only meant to make your body look like something it isn't. Another show I can't watch for fear of throwing up. I can't imagine how bored these idiots must be to disfigure themselves as a form of entertainment. Brought to you from the Springfield Oregon based tattoo shop, Area 51 Tattoo.  Thanks A&E for another disgusting shock-show called Epic Ink

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Neurotic Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Botoxed Bimbos of Beverly Hills

These self centered, mean spirited, unreal housewives put on a show that is one of the most negative experiences on Television. Like the one review below, I can't watch it because except for its nasty attitudes it basically has no content except the women showing off and one upping each other.

IMDB Ratings: 4.3/10 from 2,593 users

IMDB review one
I watched two episodes and gave it a chance but it was just too unbearable to keep watching. Like most reality TV, all of the characters seem shallow and to have no substance. One of the episodes I viewed was an entire evening spent yelling at each other. I really feel sorry for them. Occasionally you see the actions of a real person shine through, but it's rare. I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a bunch of sad people with low self-esteems be cruel to each other all day. I think all of those women need to go on a spiritual retreat, leaving their designer bags and make-up behind before they spend their last day on Earth thinking, "What did I do with my life?"

IMDB review two - and this person like it 
I completely understand why this series scores so low on the IMDb rating: it's trashy, cheap and fake.

And that's why it is so great! Not only a lot of vulgar bitchfights exceed the classy catfightscenes between Alexis Colby and Kristel Carrington in Dynasty in many ways, but there is so much more: betrayal, jealousy, addiction, cunning plastic surgery (!), adultery, abuse and suicide. And it's all real! 

Well, at least to some extend. Not only do you hate the grotesque characters, you are also going to love them and care. Fascinating how people perform in front of a camera.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Live Free or Die

I was thinking that this one might actually be educational but from the reviews these people are not that interesting. Not sure how I miss this every week but I sure don't miss the Ads every 15 minutes with that stupid song "Love you like a mountain". WTF is that supposed to mean review
Unlike the other survival shows where the people actually make a life for their family by living off the the land, trapping, fishing, and such, these folks merely survive. Another scene showed a couple eating road kill that was gifted to them in a sack, grab bag style. It was a great surprise to find it was a bobcat, already stiff.

Facebook comment:
Jim Reginelli Whats next pawn shops? Schizophrenic ghost hunters? Moonshiners or cars? I want to see the world not rednecks. I know there are people in the world who live like that, they are in africa or the amazon not Arkansas !

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Science of Stupid

In Mexico on SKY it's Science of the Absurd

In English it's The Science of Stupid only it's not science ... it's just plain stupid. I'm surprised they don't have a "laugh track" to make fun of these total idiots doing stupid things. Actually they may because I can only watch for a few seconds so I can switch channels.  I'm sorry but watching train wrecks is not my style.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fake Magic Shows

Television or filmed Magic is BS


Dynamo is only one among many that are basically unbelievable. Not only because some of the things they do are impossible .... but using a camera to create illusions is cheating. Camera position, lighting, timing, recording and editing .... all just make it way too easy to create an illusion of whatever. I mean like walking on water. Lighting, time of day, reflections and camera make an impossible feat possible.

While I agree with this - film makes it way too simple to create an illusion.
As we have shown many times on our site, Dynamo's magic falls into the second category – he performs tricks. So if you think magicians who perform magic are 'fake', then you can consider Dynamo to be fake. For example, Dynamo doesn't really walk on water, he just performs a very believable illusion of walking on water, as we have explained here. He also doesn't really fly, as we explained here. If you consider him to be 'fake' because of that, that is your choice, but many people think that magicians can't be fake since it is obvious that they are doing tricks and we all know it. There are only good and bad magicians – those who can't fool us and those who can.

More garbage reality show programming

Monday, January 5, 2015

Naked Survival - Stupid Show

Naked and Afraid - TV Reality Show

Stupid name, stupid idea and just another filler for the starved for material channels like Discovery, NatGeo and A&E. I didn't realize their adventures were for 21 days which is a challenge but the few I've seen they just fight getting sunburned, struggle to light a fire and eat worms or something similar.There must be a dozen survival shows and they're all just as bad. Give me a cooking show any day .... what ever happened to The Naked Chef.

Producer of Discovery show Naked and Afraid claims it is not 'exploitative' to film contestants nude but that it creates a 'pure survival experience' ....... no, it's just plain stupid
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I just wanted an outlet when I get that gag reflex going on some of these absolutely terrible reality shows. So here they come as I gag.

I actually like a few so may mention them from time to time